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“I have been working with Lynne since the day she started Gillooly, inc. You will not find a more trustworthy person and one who has the highest degree of honesty, integrity and motivation to sell the customer what he needs at a very reasonable price.”

Derrell M. , Ultrasound Dealer, Florida

“The ultrasounds that you donated to the poorest of the poor of Haiti several years ago have performed wonderfully in the most adverse 3rd world situation on the face of the world. We were able to treat thousands as a result of these durable machines. I consider it a blessing to share this small plant together, and, I thank you for those who cannot thank you. Blessings.”

Clint T. Doiron,

“As a Sonographer with 30 years experience, I have had the opportunity to work in many private practices, including Radiologists, and OB-Gyn Practices. Over the last 15 years we have purchased at least 6 machines and multiple probes from Gillooly, inc. Ultrasound. We have always gotten top of the line equipment at very reasonable and even below market prices. Lynne Gillooly is readily available to answer questions, field a service call, and get help should a problem arise. She has even over nighted probes to loan us, and never let us down in any situation that has come up. She has an outstanding work ethic and a wonderful personality to work with as well.”

Susan Birkhead

“As a major supplier of fully reconditioned ultrasound systems, we sometimes provide equipment for customers of Gillooly, Inc. Lynne always looks out for her customer, orders exactly what they need and we know the machine better be 100 percent or it will not be accepted. Her number one concern is customer satisfaction.”

Pete T, Largest West Coast
Ultrasound Dealer

“It is refreshing to work with a company that allows you to speak freely about your needs and is receptive to hearing your challenges in working toward a common solution. We have purchased numerous pieces of equipment over the years from Gillooly, Inc. and will surely continue as our need arises.

Michael V,
Administrator, Charlotte Radiology